Switching to Ditto Hire is as quick as it is easy.

We assist you along the way and before you know it you are ready to use your intelligent recruitment software.

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Planning the transition

Our migration specialist will plan the transition from your old system to Ditto Hire. We will run you through every step of the process, answer questions and discuss challenges, set milestones and deadlines and keep track of the progress so that you can focus on your business.

Migrating your database

Migrating your database is often as simple as copying files to our servers. Every migration is planned individually and is assisted by our technical support team that will also set up user accounts for you and your team so you have access to your files on your brand new platform straight away.

Initial Onboarding

The introduction to our platform comes free of charge and ensures that every employee that needs to work with Ditto acquires the necessary skills to do so. The class gives an overview of key features and functionality and shows how to use Ditto in the everyday work environment.

Additional Training

We offer additional training sessions for new users that have joined your team. These sessions are highly interactive and we encourage our clients to participate in them regularly to stay updated on new features and improvements made to the platform. In this way you are always using Ditto Hire to its full extent.

Individual modifications

We offer modifications in case you need to link to or share information with your on-premise systems. Contact us for a quotation, if your business requires customisations, features or APIs. Every modification requires planning and has to be discussed in consideration of your framework.

Personal support

We offer flexible support options via web, email and phone. A skilled, well-trained team will assist you during office hours with their knowledge and deep understanding of our platform. You can submit an unlimited number of support tickets at no additional cost – in Engels or Afrikaans.

Save up to 77% by switching to Ditto Hire!

Changing from your on-premises software to a cloud-based service like Ditto Hire can reduce your total costs of ownership for software by up to 77%! Independent studies have found that you can spend up to four times the cost of a user-license of a cloud-software per year to own and manage your on-premises application.

Be money wise – switch to Ditto Hire

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