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Management Tools for team player and leader

Everything you need to see in one central place

Ditto's intelligent Dashboard shows the essence of your company in one central place! Your intelligent dashboard welcomes you every day with an up-to-date summary of what is important. See appointments for the day, set up reminders, catch jobs that require your attention, see new applicants that applied for jobs and much more!

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Organise your workday and stay ahead of things

The built-in calendar and reminders help you monitor all the little things in your life that can't go missing. Organise your workday straight from your Smart Dashboard or keep track of new clients with our built-in new business tool.

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Centralise your daily Correspondence

One tool for your daily communication. Use the built-in messaging system to contact candidates, clients and to collaborate with your team members. The intuitive interface feels just like a messenger and recipients outside the system will receive emails to reply to. No need to use any other app for your daily communication at work.

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Search your entire database by combining relevant keywords, including all files saved on the built-in server and file-manager. Maximise your efficiency by searching directly within CVs saved as Word or PDF files and find everything else in your database literally in a blink of an eye.

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Free Cloud Storage with every Ditto Hire license

Every Ditto Hire account comes with free storage on our secure high-speed servers. Plenty of space for your files and CVs. Backups are being run periodically to ensure your data stays safe and accessible.

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Ditto Hire helps you finding Clients

Transform opportunities into clients – New Business Tool

Our integrated new business tool helps you focus on actions that close deals. Move potential clients through stages of the acquisition process, set reminders to follow up, make opportunities visible to your supervisor or team and add successfully acquired clients to your database straight away.

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Showcase relevant KPIs and win by performance

Win clients with your performance! Access KPIs with just one click and showcase relevant numbers, like average time to hire, placements made – in total, per industry or per skill – and display your experience in different industries. Show reports for the past year or within a predefined period.

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Set up notifications and never miss anything again

Notifications are always visible in the top right corner of the interface and keep you updated on everything important, such as deadlines, messages of clients, changes of job statuses, new messages, actions of team members and more. No chance to miss anything important ever again!

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Stay in touch, stay in business – Ditto's integrated CRM

Search, filter and message clients in your client database straight from the system. See the history of proposed candidates per job as well as custom notes that will remind you of reasons for a successful or unsuccessful hire. Prepare yourself for the next meeting and maintain a profitable relationship with your clients.

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Ditto Hire helps you sourcing Candidates

Post jobs straight to all major job portals

Ditto Hire enables you to connect to all major South African portals as well as selected international ones. Use the free services or connect to your premium accounts to publish jobs automatically and measure the performance of active and closed jobs to find out what ads have been most successful.

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Source candidates on your agency’s website

Save resources, time and money by implementing the Ditto Hire widget on your company’s website. Once enabled, all your active jobs will automatically be displayed on your vacancies page! No need to manually keep the website up to date – all changes you make in Ditto Hire will automatically update on your website.

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Let candidates create their own profile

Invite candidates straight from the system to let them create or complete their own profile online and save yourself the time and effort of doing it manually. Simply submit the candidate's email address and Ditto Hire will handle further on-boarding with the potential candidate directly.

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Create candidates by uploading CVs and LinkedIn profiles

Auto-generate candidate profiles by uploading CVs and combine it with exported LinkedIn profiles. Ditto categorises all the data for you into the correct fields. Anything missing? No problem! Simply, drag and drop content from the CV into the form fields using our clever split-screen view.

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Ditto matches candidates automatically for you

Ditto Hire matches candidates in your database automatically for you! Based on the keywords you add to jobs, you will receive recommendations of candidates in the system and CVs on the file server. We immediately screen your database and compare the content to the requirements of active jobs.

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Ditto Hire helps you Market Candidates

Generate a shortlist of applicants with a few clicks

Send the CVs of your shortlisted candidates straight from Ditto Hire with just one click. Your clients will receive all the relevant information they require to make an informed decision and provide you with feedback.

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Add individual, custom fields to your candidates profiles

Add as many custom fields as you want to your candidate profiles and display specific or extraordinary information that is not part of the candidate's registration process. You can structure the heading and body of the custom fields to suit your personal or your client's preference.

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Only show the relevant, and hide certain information

You are in control of what candidate information you want to show on your CVs. Keep certain items confidential such as names and contact information to ensure objective feedback from your client. You can also remove whole sections to keep CVs short and to the point.

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Export CVs straight with your company’s branding

Ditto Hire provides you with a fully customisable template so that you can export and download CVs from the system perfectly styled and in accordance with your corporate design. Ditto Hire branding will not be shown on your CVs, so you can forward them straight to your clients.

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Ditto Hire helps you Manage Candidates

Find suitable candidates in your database faster than ever.

Find candidates in no time. Our advanced search scans even bigger databases in seconds and gives you full control over the results; profound options and filters enable you to search for almost everything – from skills to industries, to education, to age, and much more.

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Create Questionnaires for the application process

Create individual questionnaires and add them to jobs to let potential candidates answer your questions right in the application process. You can choose from a variety of elements when creating questionnaires, such as radio buttons, drop-downs, checkboxes and many more.

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Ditto Hire is much more than just another applicant tracking system.

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Organise your candidate database into pools

Categorise candidates in your database into pools, like 'sales' or 'engineering', and find them even faster the next time you need them. Choose a colour, an abbreviation and a name for your pool and start adding candidates! Your pools will grow with your database and help you stay on top of things.

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Focus on Suitable candidates and reject the others

Never spend time on unsuitable applicants again. Speed up the process by rejecting multiple applicants with a custom message at once without having to message everyone individually. Ditto Hire automatically inserts first and surname to address every recipient personally.

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Ditto Hire helps you Placing Candidates

Place multiple candidates on a single job

One job, several positions? No problem. With Ditto Hire you can place multiple candidates on a single job. After each placement, you can choose if you want to close the job or keep adding more and more candidates to the position.

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Set custom reminders and never forget anything again

Make use of the integrated reminders tool to set yourself deadlines of when to follow up with placed candidates whether it be after probation period or at the end of their employment contract and never lose touch of your placed candidates again.

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Hard work pays off – Ditto's advanced commission system

Get notified when employees or team members request commissions and approve them with just a few clicks. The system even enables you to place multiple commission requests on a single placement in case the commissions need to be split amongst team members.

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Ditto Hire helps you analysing your Performance

Analyse your success with insightful financial reports

Get a comprehensive financial overview of your performance! Access KPIs with just one click, like the average time to hire, jobs closed per recruiter, average revenue per recruiter and more.

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Measure jobs’ performance by viewing real-time analytics.

Analyse everything from return of invest on various premium job portals, candidate sources, candidate types, overall job performance or a full detailed list of all activities completed on the specific vacancy.

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Comprehensive candidate reports with one click

Delve deeper into candidate demographics by using the candidate report tool. Ensure your candidate database is strong and healthy by identifying trends in age, gender, employment equity status, and candidate sources. Set targets and work towards a stronger candidate database.

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Export and download your data with just one click

Almost every report in the system is available for export. Download and save them locally to your hard drive, prepare yourself for end-of-the-month meetings and forward files directly via email. Ditto Hire enables you to keep track of your performance in every aspect of your business.

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