Ditto Jobs is packed with features that lets you do more, more often.

Powerful cloud-based recruitment software that helps you find, manage, and place better candidates.

Applicant Tracking System

Get ahead

Using our powerful Applicant Tracking System means you never miss out on an opportunity. Manage all your jobs, clients, and candidates in one centralised system.

Smart Pipeline

Managing candidates and moving them forward in the recruiting process is the backbone of any successful business. Our tools allow you to do this seamlessly.


Even if you have multiple colleagues working on a job specification, Ditto Jobs allows to manage workflows with your team members.

Quick add
Quickly add and assign new job specifications to yourself or your team. This ensures quicker turnaround times and results in better performance.
Fully responsive
Ditto Jobs offers a fully responsive experience for your candidates which allows them to apply for positions using any device without any hassle.
Unlimited job posts
Create unlimited job posts for your company. We will never limit the amount of jobs you create using our platform.
Social Media
Get even more responses by posting your jobs to your social media channels. Use popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to generate greater reach for your job ads.
Job board integration
Post your jobs to all the major job boards to ensure you get targeted responses from the right pool of candidates. We provide all the integrations so that you can post new job ads from one centralised platform.


New Business Pipeline

See your new business pipeline and take action where necessary. The easiest way to onboard unlimited new clients and keep track of deal statuses.

Smart Reminders

See the actions that helps you to close more deals. Our clear visual interface prompts you to stay on top of deals and increase revenue.


Create your own Pipeline by adding new stages or editing existing ones to fit into your current sales processes.

Candidates create smart résumés which gives you full control of their data. Forget the days of lengthy documents, Ditto Smart Résumé stores all the right information you need in one place.
Easily export single or multiple résumés straight to your desktop or mobile device.
Smart means easier search and easier placement. By utilising smart résumés you are creating a better and more comprehensive database of candidates.
Résumé Parsing
Easily create new candidates by simply uploading a résumé and pulling the data into the right fields. Take full control of your current database by uploading all your documents.
Candidate Invites
Use our mass invite tools to invite your candidate database to join your pool. Get up to date résumés from your database within a few clicks.


Company Snapshot

Get a glimpse of your company’s vitals with our easy to use dashboard. See in real-time where you are in the hiring process and get a snapshot of your team’s productivity without exporting and analysing large datasets.

Measure performance

View all crucial day-to-day data that makes your company successful. Filter through your team data to identify areas of improvement.

Smart Intuitive Design

Ditto Jobs has a modern interface which focuses on user-friendliness, giving your team a functional platform to succeed with.

All your candidates are managed in one centralised environment which can be accessed by your entire team. Add custom ratings and comments to your candidates and sort them in various pools for seamless collaboration among your team.
Add keywords into your jobs to easily measure candidate suitability when they apply.
Multiple Versions
Easily edit candidates and create multiple versions of your résumés for your clients. You are in full control of every candidate in your database.
Create unlimited amounts of candidate pools to ensure your entire database is properly categorised.
Need a specific type of candidate? Simply search your database with advanced filters and search tools for the perfect result.

Advanced Reporting


View real-time information on your entire database. Discover what your database consists of demographically, geographically, and much more. Simply the fastest way to learn from your candidate data.


Finding your niche guides your business to better profitability. Our system analyses your recruitment efforts and reports on which job industries, candidate skills, and clients make you more profitable.

Job Performance

Know where your job posts perform the best. Track the performance of individual job posts or even a holistic view on your team members. Ditto Jobs’ reporting tools gives you deep recruiting intelligence.

Measure your team’s performance on an individual, department, and company level which ensures that you always have a holistic overview of your company.
Quick invite
No setup required whatsoever. Invite team members to join Ditto Jobs and start working immediately without any timeous installations.
Set up different departments in your company to easily create more productive workflows.
View all activities on the system in real-time and get the most out of your team.

Careers Page Intergration


Easily match your company brand by updating the styling of your career page directly from Ditto Jobs. Completely customisable down to deciding which information types should be displayed on your active jobs.


Seamlessly integrate our system with your careers page with a simple line of code. No technical skills required for implementation.


All responses from your career page go directly into the Applicant Tracking System which minimises your risk of missing out on hot candidates.

Your data will never be shared with any third party. You are in full control of your own database and can be exported with a click of a button.
Safe Data
Your data is in safe hands. Ditto Jobs makes use of some of the foremost global leaders in data management to safely secure your data.
Complete Transparency
There are no hidden costs with Ditto Jobs. You simply pay for the active licences you use which gives you complete control of your subscription.



All our clients enjoy unlimited support. We are always on standby if you have any queries or issues. Our priority is to give you the best possible experience.


All our clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to handle their queries. We ensure that everyone has a go-to representative to manage their account.

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